Diamond Kote® Protections

Diamond Kote® Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection Even before you drive your new RV off the lot, its metal begins the natural process of corrosion. Rust is formed when iron, oxygen and water combine to create an electrochemical reaction. Remove one of those elements, and you can effectively prevent corrosion.

Give your RV a fighting chance against the ravages of corrosion, with the proven chemical science of Diamond Kote Corrosion Protection. Diamond Kote’s manufacturer-approved, water based chemical corrosion compounds utilize cutting-edge corrosion prevention science. The highly resilient formula penetrates into the areas of your RV where rust starts, keeping air and water out, and stopping rust before it begins.

The Diamond Kote® Corrosion Protection program is backed by a fully insured performance guarantee.

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Diamond Kote® Nano Crystal Fabric Protection

Protect your RV’s Interior 24/7

You spend so much living time in your RV, and it is inevitable that there will be accidents and spills that soil the fabric carpet and seats. But Diamond Kote® knows that stains can affect your RV’s resale value, so we make sure that no spills become permanent stains on your interior fabric.

Diamond Kote’s Nano Crystal Fabric Protection is the first automotive grade carpet and upholstery protection to employ the significantly enhanced concentration and durability of Nano-hybrid chemistry. Penetrating deep into the fabric and forming an invisible barrier around each and every fibre, Diamond Kote® inhibits the penetration of frustrating spills, without affecting the fabric’s natural texture.

Diamond Kote® Nano Crystal Fabric Protection is backed by a fully insured warranty and guaranteed to last.

Diamond Kote® Rip, Tear, Burn Pro

Coverage for your Interior Coverings

An RV is meant to be used, but accidental rips, tears or burns on your interior seating surfaces can be costly. With the Diamond Kote Rip, Tear, Burn Pro warranty, you are fully covered. You pay absolutely no deductible, and we take care of the repair and costs for you.

Diamond Kote® Spray-On Formula Paint Protection

Beat the Elements

Day in and day out, your RV is vulnerable to weathering and paint damage. RV Paint technology has advanced significantly over the years, and so have the number of environmental hazards that can destroy your vehicle’s finish.

Diamond Kote’s Spray-On Formula Paint Protection is a unique cross-linking polymer application, which uses Nano-molecular science to increase surface coverage density by the billions. Using our unique transparent cross-link polymer formulation, featuring durable fluoropolymer additives and ultra-violet filters, our Paint Protection bonds to the painted surface in a continuous film that guards your RV against the ravages of the elements.

The Diamond Kote® Spray-On Formula Paint Protection program is backed by a fully insured performance guarantee.

Diamond Kote® Mouse Shield Pro

Stop Mice from Moving In

It happens every season – when you move out of your RV, the mice move in. Slam the door on rodent invasion, safely and effectively, with Diamond Kote’s New Mouse Shield Pro undercoating. Mouse Shield combines a durable, automotive grade undercoating with a highly concentrated, all-natural ingredient that drives mice away.

Mice cause the most damage by chewing their way into your RV and through its wiring. Mouse Shield is a permanent, non-greasy, non-sticky barrier that smells and tastes repulsive to rodents. It actually seals the most common mice entry points, stopping them at the pass.

The Diamond Kote® Mouse Shield Pro program is backed by a fully insured performance guarantee.