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RV Protections

Mouse Free Image

Stop Mice from Moving In

Keep your RV Mouse Free

As an RV owner, we know you enjoy adventure! However, we also know that pesky rodents can become a tricky problem that you don’t want to have to deal with.
Mouse Free underbody coating protects your RV against unwanted critters. It actually keeps them out! Mouse Free prevents entry into your RV!

How Does It Work?

Simply spray the wheel wells and undercarriage of your RV creating a protective shield and barrier, which rodents cannot travel across. To do so, use a compressed air hose with a pressure between 80-100 PSI. Safe and Easy!

Added Benefits

Lubricates all moving parts
Prevents plastics and rubbers from drying and cracking
Protects metal from the elements
No Mess • No Drip • Non-Toxic • 


Mouse Free is non-toxic and safe! The scent repelling properties within the formula are derived from 100% natural essential oils. This product is completely safe for your RV and family. 

Contact PEI Home & RV Centre Today, if you have questions about how Mouse Free products can help protect your RV, please call 1-902-566-1440 for more information.