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Seasonal Maintenance

RV Winterizing

If you decide in the fall that your camping season is over then you will need to look at winterizing your RV. Parking your RV for the winter requires some preventative measures so it will be ready to use next spring. Winterizing your RV is important to make sure that you don’t have costly repair bills due to the damaging results of winter. So how do you prepare your RV to make sure it is ready for winter?

Why not let the expert RV service technicians at PEI Home & RV Centre service department worry about that for you. Our RV service technicians know the exact steps that need to be taken to make sure your RV is ready for its winter hibernation. We provide services like clearing water lines and draining fluids to make sure winter freezing does not damage your RV. Get some peace of mind when storing your RV this winter and bring it to PEI Home & RV Centre service department to get it winterized.

Winterizing your RV for only $89.28 +tax. 


  • Winterizing Plumbing Lines
  • Draining Fresh Water Tank
  • Draining Water Heater
  • RV Anti-Freeze change extra, 8 litres per unit

Washer/dryers, ice makers, Mobile Service call at an additional cost.

Call 902.566.1440 or email to book today!

Spring Check List for your RV adventure:

  • Open all doors and compartments and check for rodent intrusion and water damage
  • Replace any dry cell batteries you may have removed for winter storage
  • Test the operation of the carbon monoxide detector, the LP gas leak detector and the smoke detector
  • Check the fire extinguisher and make sure it is fully charged
  • Open the awning to let it dry
  • Raise the radio / TV antenna Inspect all seams, windows and vents for water damage and reseal if necessary Lubricate all hinges and locks with spray lubricant Test the operation of the hydraulic jacks if applicable.
  • Also check the hydraulic fluid level
  • Place mothballs near (not in) the gas burner assembly of the refrigerator (to prevent spiders from nesting and causing gas flow blockages at the burner)
  • Place sheets of Bounce or Fleecy (or similar product) under each mattress and cushion. This will keep field mice away as they don't like the smell
  • Inspect the tires for signs of dry rot. Inflate all tires to the recommended tire pressure

Don't forget to check, inspect and test run your:

  • Propane
  • Furnace
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Electrical system
  • Waste Water system
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