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Preventative Maintenance

Annual RV Inspection

The Annual RV Inspection (ARVI) is performed yearly and looks at the RV components of your investment. Performed by our professional service team, we inspect the following areas of your RV:

  • Outside shell of the RV
  • Chalking
  • Roof membrane
  • Door and window seals
  • Propane systems, insuring proper pressure and no leaking
  • Pressurized test of the entire sewage and fresh water systems
  • Complete comprehensive inspection of the battery and 120V power system
  • Close inspection of the under carriage, hitch and towing assets
  • Interior of the RV for trim damage, wall discolorations and signs of rodent infestation
  • Touch ups to painted steps, bumpers and other metal components

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Bi-Annual Body Waxing

Prevent Harmful UV Rays from breaking down your beautiful RV. Even with the Diamond Kote®  Paint Protection program it is still important to maintain wax layer protection on your RV. RV’s over time can become faded, have cracked or peeling graphics on the outside body. The best form of protection for this is to have a professional deep surface waxing at the start of spring and end of season around October/November.

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Chrome Polishing

Do it before you get pitting, peeling, cracking of the chrome on your RV. Based on the average east coast camper usage Chrome Polishing is best at beginning and end of your RV camping season.

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Diamond Kote Protection and MouseShield

Learn more about our D.K. Protection

Motor Vehicle Inspection

This is a required annual inspection enforced by the police services in your area. When your RV has passed this annual Inspection process, you are legally allowed to drive, tow or transport your RV on the roadways. 

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Oxidization Removal

It happens from time to time that even the best wax job breaks down in today extreme UV conditions and waxing over a dull Gelcoat just won’t help. Oxidation removal is considered the best way to prevent damage to the Gelcoat before it happens. We suggest having oxidization removal done every two years. 

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